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Your Source for Data Duplication, Archiving and Destruction.


Tape Duplication Systems

Data Source, Inc.'s ExactCopy™ is the industry leader for Data Duplication and Data Archiving. From simultaneous on-line creation of two or more back-ups to offline mass production of a single source media, Data Source has a solution to fit your needs. Click here to learn more

Tape Duplication Services

Data Source Inc.'s Media Duplication Services offer you a complete, managed duplication solution by our highly trained and expereinced data duplication experts. Click here to learn more


Tape Archiving Services

Data Source Inc.'s Electronic Tape Storage (ETS) Service offers you a complete, managed archiving solution to reduce physical storage by as much as 30,000 to 1. Click here to learn more


IT Asset Management

Our service takes you through the full lifecycle of your asset from installation to disposition, protecting your mission critical data.

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"Data Source is dedicated to preserving your Data Assets. Whether archiving a large legacy tape library or clearing data from a retired array, Data Source has a solution to protect your data and save you money."

-Ted Rogers, CEO